Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I already registered through Carlisle Events, why do I need to register through you? Although your registration through Carlisle Events will technically get you and your car through the gates, SAABs@Carlisle is an event-within-an-event. We organize our own shows, host tech sessions, have catered meals, etc. Many people take advantage of Carlisle's discount periods and sales throughout the year, and we don't discourage that, but please remember that you also need to register through us.

  2. If I register through you, do I also need to sign up with Carlisle Events? If you registered a car and paid the car-specific fees to us, we will take care of passing your information on to Carlisle Events.

  3. Can I register by mail? We no longer accept paper registration forms. CPSC members may be able to pay registration fees by check at the April meeting.

  4. Can I bring a different car than the one I registered? We understand that there can be issues, especially with bringing an older car to a show that may be a long distance away. We ask for your car information so that we can properly allocate space on our showfield, which is arranged by model on Saturday and color on Sunday. Please let us know as soon as possible if you must change, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate. Final showfield layout and printing is typically done in the two weeks prior to the show, and this is when changes become difficult (especially if bringing a completely different model).

  5. Do I have to bring a Saab? Absolutely not! We're all Saab enthusiasts, but we can understand that sometimes your Saab may not be available for the weekend. Within our designated area we have a parking section called Friends of Saab that's dedicated to non-Saab parking.

  6. What's the difference between Preregistration and Late Registration? We offer a preregistration period that runs mid-March through mid-April, coinciding with the discount period that Carlisle Events offers for cars. Once we're no longer able to process and deliver our people to Carlisle Events in time to take advantage of the discount and mailed Gate-N-Go stickers, our Preregistration period closes. For the next two weeks or so after we offer a Late Registration period where you can still sign up for our event but need to make your own arrangements with Carlisle Events. After Late Registration closes, you will most likely be ineligible for our People's Choice or Competition of Colors judging and will have limited access to clothing and other merchandise.

  7. Can I still come even if I missed the deadline? Yes. Even if you've missed Late Registration, you can still sign up to join us on the showfield.

  8. What does my registration "badge fee" pay for? Although we are blessed with some great sponsors, the cost of putting on this event is fairly substantial. Your badge fee covers the cost of our infrastructure: online registration processing, mass email campaigns, social media promotion, rental fees for the tent, tables and chairs, printing, catering charges over and above sponsor contributions, equipment, coffee and soft drinks, etc.

  9. Why do I keep getting email reminders if I've already registered? We have a very large database of people that have previously attended a SAABs@Carlisle event that receive all of our mailings to promote the event, starting with our initial announcement through the close of late registration. Once registration closes, we send out informational emails about the current event only to registered attendees.

  10. Why does my sticker say "Non-Judged"? There is a separate category for concours judging by Carlisle Events which is not part of our show. Please contact Carlisle Events for more information on how to participate and the additional costs associated with their judging.

  11. Where is my sticker? If you preregistered your car(s)/trailers/tow vehicles/campsites with us, or registered at any point between last Thanksgiving and the mid-April cutoff with Carlisle Events, your sticker should be mailed to you in late April. We typically announce when they come out as part of a mass emailing. If you don’t have it, please check your receipts to be certain that you did pay for the registration you are expecting. If you preregistered through us, send us an email at If you registered directly with Carlisle Events, please contact them through Typically they are very good at getting all the stickers out, but there is a lot of human interaction in the process and mistakes can happen. Assuming you don’t have a sticker by the start of the show, you’ll most likely be asked to pick it up at the regiestration building at Gate 3.